Xmas Party Report

Hi all, what a day!

After an absolutely sweltering couple of hours on court earlier in the day, we had our Xmas Party at the Sydney Park Pavilion.

And it was fabulous. From 3.00pm to 7.00pm it was just non-stop fun, with heaps of food and drink, games and entertainment, all in a beautiful venue.

Many thanks to Baz, Mikey, Tim, Thomas, Billy, Kenneth, Man and Dennis for doing the organising and setting up of the venue. And thanks to so many other people who stayed back at the end to help with the cleaning up. Just so you know, without the considerable effort these people put in, we wouldn’t have these events.

And…….. a very special thanks to Chelsea Bun and her naughty apprentice Paris for coming along to host the games. We didn’t tell anyone she was coming because we wanted it to be a surprise………. and it was! Fortunately, the photo attached to this message won’t be the only one; more will be posted soon.

Speaking of photos, lots of people were taking photos, so please send them into us for posting on our website. You can send them to info@ sydneyshuttles.org.au

In addition to all the game and raffle prizes, we also gave out our annual awards:

Best Attendance for 2014 went to Daniel, Sherlyn and Man. Great stuff!

Most Improved Players for 2014 went to Greg.M, Ardy.S, Richard.F and Simon.W. Well done guys!

Best Hat for the day went to…………. yours truly (I did warn you I would be wearing my “handyman hat”), closely followed by Miss Tim, Madam Thomas, Shah, Dennis and Jim.

I also spoke about some financial issues we had this year and some small increased fees everyone will need to deal with next year, but I will talk about these in a separate email a bit later.

This email will be posted on our website blog and will accept comments. If you want to leave a reply, just go to https://sydneyshuttles.com/, find this message, and click “Leave a Reply” at the bottom. To see any replies, go to the same place.

That’s it for now folks.




3 thoughts on “Xmas Party Report

  1. Thx Mr President Bill for another fabulous year! job well done.
    There is a small suggestion i have, instead of increase member ship by such a big amount which may scare lots of people off, maybe more beneficial financially in a long run to increase fees from $10 to $12 for member n $15 for none member??

    • We looked at increasing weekly fees from $10 to $12 for the entire year, but decided in the end to just increase fees on Monday nights (ie, not on Sundays) and increase the membership fee. This way, most members will be better off.

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