Xmas Party Details

Here are the full details for our Xmas Party this year.

Date: Sunday 9th December

Time: Starting at 3.00pm, with food soon after. We will probably finish about 6.00pm or so.

Where: Technology Park Hotel, 1 Wyndham Street, Alexandria (this is the same venue we went to last year).

Cost: Our club will subsidise most of the cost, but we still need everyone to contribute towards the expenses:

  • Current Members: $15.00
  • Current Member’s Partner (assuming not a member): $20
  • Non-Members: $25

Cost includes food, soft drink, beer and house wines, but no boutique beers or spirits. As usual, there will need to be a bar limit on drinks, but if anything like last year, it will last most of the afternoon.

Our best suggestion for a fun day would be for everyone to come to badminton from 12.00 to 2.00pm, then go home for a shower then onto the hotel for lunch, drinks, games and fun. For those who live in the wrong direction, there are a couple of showers at the badminton courts, so you could shower there.

What Do You Need To Do Now?

Please email us if you will be attending. This is because we need to know final numbers by 30th November for catering purposes.

If you plan on coming to badminton sometime during the next couple of weeks, please try to bring your party payment with you and pay one of the organisers.

If you can’t make it to badminton before the deadline, then please get a friend to pay for you or pay via Bank Transfer (EFT) as follows:

Pay To: Sydney Shuttles
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 732-010
Account: 549391
Message: You MUST include your name in the payment (so we know who makes a payment)

We need to get payments from everyone by Sunday 2nd December, but the earlier you can pay the easier it will be for us to manage things.

Our Xmas parties are always fun, so please try and make it. Remember that we organise the badminton, competitions and parties for YOU. Hope to see you all there.