Wellinton Competition Results

Congratulations and well done to the following Sydney Shuttles players in Wellington:

  • Women’s Singles Intermediate: Ilka 1st
  • Women’s Singles Advanced: Sherlyn 1st
  • Men’s Singles Intermediate: Nui 2nd, Maddo 3rd 
  • Men’s Singles Advanced: Shane 2nd, David Myles 3rd
  • Women’s Doubles: Ilka & Sherlyn 2nd, Jody & Jax 3rd
  • Men’s Doubles Advanced: Shane & Peter Savage (UK) 2nd
  • Mixed Doubles Intermediate: Jax & Peter Savage (UK) 1st, Freddie &  Claire Morris (Adelaide) 2nd, Ilka & Nui 3rd 
  • Mixed Doubles Advanced: Shane & Sherlyn 1st
  • In addition, Maddo and Jennifer (Adelaide) got silver in an  impromptu mixed event, the “Trans Tasman Battle”

Check out competition photos here

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