Wow, we had a record attendance last night – 61 players! It was hard to manage, but we got through it.

Sorry to those who we couldn’t match up with their competition partners, but as we said earlier, it is really hard to do this, especially on such busy nights. We will try to make sure everyone gets as many “match ups’ as possible before the competition.

Registrations for the competition close next Monday night (no exceptions). Also, all outstanding payments are due by then – remember, no pay, no play.

Thanks to David for pointing out that our email address links were not working – the problem has now been fixed. If you have sent us emails in the last few weeks, we probably didn’t receive them – sorry about that. Remember, do not “Reply” to this post – use the email link on our website or click here.

A couple of people were missed from being entered into the computer again. With so many people, this will probably happen every week. Remember, if you ever miss 2 games in a row, please tell us.