Update Sunday 24th January

We just finished our second Sunday session at Tempe, from 12.00 to 2.00 with 6 courts. Player numbers were up to 34 (which just managed to cover the days costs) but there were still plenty of games for everyone (average 5 games each).

A few more players would still be good because we still have to build up funds to finance this years competition (in May), so go ahead and invite your friends if you want. If numbers do increase, we might also be able to get a few courts for after 2.00pm (this would also make it easier for people who can’t come at 12.00).

It is unlikely at this stage that we will find a better venue/time for February or March (but not impossible), so assume for now that the Sunday session will be normal until the end of March. After that, we will go back to our regular Monday night sessions.

For those people who can’t make it on Sundays due to other committments, we are very sorry, but hope that you will return in April.

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