Update Sunday 17th January

Well, we just finished our first Sunday session at Tempe, from 12.00 to 2.00 with 6 courts. Player numbers were a bit low so there were plenty of games for everyone.

Please check this blog again later in the week for further updates. At this stage, assume we will be playing again next Sunday, same timeĀ (I will let you know if it changes by Friday night latest).

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3 thoughts on “Update Sunday 17th January

  1. Thanks for the input Shane. We really need to see an increase in numbers before increasing the hire time (Sunday’s numbers were too low to cover costs)

  2. Hi Everyone,

    A brief comment was made in the later parts of the Badminton session today as to whether we should extend the hours to an additional 30 minutes or 1 hour ?.

    I guess extending it to an additional 30 minutes would be great to start off with and see how everyone feels as to whether extending it to an additional hour.

    The turn out as Bill pointed out was a positive one as virtually nearly everyone to a game one after another which continuous playing i guess with a good turn out is what we all want to achieve.

    On a personal note and also on behalf of Bill’s efforts, thanks for everyone showing up today expression their intersts participating on Sunday’s.


  3. I would like to suggest playing between 2-4PM or 3-5PM as 12-2PM is right on lunch time, that is why you are getting a bit low turn up.

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