Upcoming International Gay Badminton Events

There are 2 upcoming gay games events coming up in the next couple of years that will include badminton. Details as follows.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this email – we will let you know special contact details shortly for those who are interested in going to these events.

Gay Games 9

Information provided by Evelyn

Gay Games 9 will be held in Cleveland in the USA, from 9-16 August 2014. Badminton has just been added as an official sport and you can find details here:

Registration is a minimum of USD135 for everyone, plus additional fees for each sport. For example, Badminton costs an extra $80.

World Out Games 2013

Information provided by Shane & David

Antwerp (Belgium) August 2013

To Members of Tempe Badminton and other interested players who receive this email.

A Couple of years ago, we managed to get a few people from our Tempe Badminton Club to attend the event which was held in Auckland NZ and it was a great time and adventure I found.

I’m looking to see how many people would be interested in attending the event for the Badminton side of things unless you’re skilful in a range of other sporting events and would still like to attend of course.

Link about the venue: http://www.worldoutgames2013.be/

Link about the sports available: http://www.worldoutgames2013.be/index.php/en/sport

Link about Badminton venue: http://www.worldoutgames2013.be/index.php/en/sports/badminton

Site contact Antwerp Belgium: badminton@woga2013.org

The Badminton event over-all looks to be about 5 days.

At the moment we have approximately 5 expressing interest; however we’d like to see if we can get a group together and compete in the various badminton grades and categories to make the most fun out of it.

You don’t have to be an advanced player – there are lots of intermediate players there and it’s about fun as well as badminton. Pls chat to me, if you want to understand what sort of levels were at the Wellington Games.

You don’t need a partner – once we have got interest levels, we can partner you up. We arrived at the Wellington games as a group and partnered up, when we got there! But this time we will help out and find partners for all.

We may be joining with the Kiwi and WA gay badminton clubs and sending one big group.

Also, I’m aware there are party events, a lot of things to see and do over there. I haven’t travelled overseas personally myself; this will be my first time.

I’m hoping to save the money myself, fingers crossed.

I’ve been told its best to try and make a holiday out of it as well and should plan for about 3-4 weeks. How long I’ll stay is undecided at this point, however flights there at the moment are about $1500.

I guess everyone needs to try and factor in the finances to see if it’s all affordable.