Upcoming Badminton Competitions

Hi all,

This is just a reminder that we will be holding our own internal badminton competition on Sunday 27th October. As with previous years, it will start at 12.00 noon and go through to late afternoon/early evening. For now, please book it into your calendar. We will be organising registrations in the near future.

For our newer members who have not played in our internal competition before, we hope you will join in. It is a social competition, and is meant to be fun. Check out our website page for more details.

A month later, on Saturday 30th November, the gay badminton club in Melbourne (Melbourne Smashers) will be holding their own tournament, and have invited players from our club and the NZ gay badminton club to join in. So again, if you want to participate in this event, book it into your calendars. More later on this event as details come.