The Next 2 Weeks

I am off on holidays on Wednesday for 2 weeks. During that time, Sherlyn will “carry the bag”  and be setting up the computer each Sunday. Any help other people can give her for collecting money, etc will be greatly appreciated I’m sure.

The next 2 weeks will also see the Membership drive continuing (we started today and had 25 people sign up and pay). For everyone else, see if you can sign up and pay within the next 2 weeks please. As soon as I return, I will be submitting the names and fees to Sydney Badminton Association for processing.

If you want to download the membership application form and complete it electronically, you will find it here (but you will still need to manually sign the form).  Remember, from Sunday 13th February and onwards, anyone who has not become a member will have to pay the higher non-member rate of $12 if they want to play.

See you in 2 weeks, Bill