Problems Today

Hi all,

For those that came to play today (and there were a lot!), you’ll know that we had some problems with the courts.

When we arrived, there was no staff member from Sydney University present (that’s who we hire the venue from), and not all the courts had been set up.

After several phone calls, and a lot of waiting, they eventually turned up and set up the rest of the courts (we couldn’t set up the courts ourselves because the storeroom was locked).

Because of this problem, combined with us not having enough game organisers present (it was a long weekend), we weren’t able to schedule games as we normally do. This was a problem considering how many players we had.

What we saw today was a case where we had a large turnout (a bit unexpected), a shortage of organisers (a rare event), and a problem with the court booking (a bit too common these days).

We have complained to Sydney Uni about the court problems, and hopefully they will improve for future games.

For ourselves, it might be time to recruit some more organisers (so we can better manage when things go astray). If anyone would like to become more actively involved in running our club activities, please let us know.   info@