Positions Vacant – Financial Officers

Hi all, we are looking for 2 or 3 people to become “Financial Officers”. Duties would include:

  1. Help collect money each night (you would share this job with other people throughout the night).
  2. About half way through the night, check that everyone has paid, chase up anyone who hasn’t, and count the money.

That’s it! Not so hard hey! So….. anyone interested??????

Ideally, you will attend fairly regularly, but because we are looking for several people, it will not be necessary that you come every night. Also, if we get a few volunteers, then the tasks can be shared around.

There are a couple of people who already help out regularly collecting money (you know who you are). Want to make it official???????

Please email sydneyshuttles@yahoo.com.au if you thank you can help out.

Remember….. clubs don’t run themselves. So please……. help us out.