Our Competitions in 2016

Hi all, please put the following dates in your calendars for our competitions this year.

Sunday 9th October: Sydney Shuttles Internal Competition (members only)

Saturday 22nd October: Trans-Tasman Tournament in Melbourne (open registration)

As you can see, the 2 competitions are only 2 weeks apart, so it will be a great opportunity for those going to Melbourne to get plenty of practice in.

For our own internal competition, we won’t start taking registrations until about August, but early bird registrations are now available for the Trans-Tasman, as follows:

The Trans-Tasman tournament is now open to buy tickets (advance purchase price of AUD40 available). There are a limited number of tickets at this price so please get in early. Once these are sold out, the normal price is AUD55. Early Registration and Payment can be made via credit card by going to http://tdy.cl/e/jOF2i6Q


Cheers, Bill

Sydney Shuttles Badminton Club