New venue at Botany – Another Update

Hi again all,

Everything is now finalised for the new venue. Here are the details of the new courts and our booking again (our website has also been updated to show these details):

Location: Victor Badminton Centre, 30 Sir Joseph Banks St, Botany

Facilities: 14 courts (2 rows of 7 courts), LED side lighting, non-slip, sprung court surface, toilets & showers, sitting area, off street parking, shop with Victor range of products, racket stringing service. Note that there are no other types of sport played at this venue.

Our Courts: 7 courts (1 row of 7). We will be on the left side looking from the front of the venue, which will give us best access to the sitting area (and a table for our computer, etc). We have only booked 7 courts to start with because we rarely make good use of 8 courts at Tempe (and it helps keep the cost down for everyone). Of course, if our numbers grow, we would look at increasing the number of courts.

Booking Time: Monday nights, 7.00pm to 9.00pm, all year round, including most public holidays.

First Session: Our first session there will be Monday 5th June. That means our last session at Tempe will be Monday 29th May.

Session Cost: These courts are significantly more expensive than the courts at Tempe, but we have negotiated a fairly good rate and reduced the court numbers to 7, so we only need to increase the session cost from $12 to $15.

Public Transport: Public transport is not as good as Tempe. State Bus route 309 & 310 from Railway Square/Green Square and East Gardens would probably be the best public transport option. Closest bus stop to the centre is Botany Rd near Cranebrook St (309) & Swinbourne St near Queen St (310).

Transport Assistance: For those people who normally use public transport to come to badminton, could you please respond to this email and let me know. We’ve already had people offering to pickup other people and we will help put you in touch with them.
This can work in many different ways (pickup and/or drop off at various train stations for example). More on this once I’ve got a better idea on who uses public transport

Cheers for now,

Sydney Shuttles Badminton Club