Moving forward – looking at a new venue

Hi all,

Our Sunday sessions have had steadily declining numbers for the last couple of years. Reducing down to 4 courts helped for a while, but we are again losing money. The average turnout on Sundays this year was 12 people, which is simply not enough to keep it going.

So we are faced with a couple of choices.

CHOICE 1: Drop Sundays altogether, and just play on Monday nights for 6 months of the year at our current venue.

·         This is a simple option, but the concern is that some people won’t want to take 6 months off, and some might lose interest altogether.


CHOICE 2: Move to a new venue where we can get week night sessions all year round.

·         We have been looking for alternative venues for many years. One has finally come up. It is a new, purpose-built badminton centre in Botany, with 14 courts (see photo below).

·         There are a number of advantages and disadvantages with this venue.

·         Advantages:

o   Permanent, long term, stable booking.

o   Great courts (non-slip mats, LED side lighting)

o   Badminton only (no issues with wrong lines, net setup, hire conflicts, etc)

o   Sufficient car parking

o   Badminton gear shop, re-stringing service, toilets & showers, table & chair sitting area, snack and drink vending machines.

·         Disadvantages:

o   A bit further to travel for some people (but maybe closer for others).

o   More expensive. We would need to increase the 2-hour session cost from $12 to $15.

o   Lacking decent public transport. Nearest bus stops are Buses 309, L09, X09 – 7 min walk (600m) or Buses 310, X10 – 10 min walk (800m). For people who depend on public transport, getting picked up and dropped off by someone with a car would be worth looking into, even if it’s just from a train station that’s on the way. The club should be able to  help facilitate this by matching people’s locations and habits..

We need to make our decision by the end of this week or we will lose the opportunity. So, that gives everyone a few days to make any comments or suggestions. If you do have any comments or suggestions, please reply to this email (quickly).

That’s it for now,