More Recruitment

Firstly, I would like to thank Phillip and Baz for their consistent efforts in regularly looking after collecting money from people at each session.

But, the next few weeks will be extra complicated, because we will be collecting money and forms for normal playing, memberships and for the upcoming competition.

So….. we need at least 2 people every night for the next 6 weeks to help out with these jobs.

But, because not everyone can come every week, we need at least 4 people willing to do this (so that at least 2 people should be present each night).

And…… it needs to be people who can arrive by about 6.30 (or very soon after).

So, if you fit into these requirements, please offer to help out. Please email us at

Doing these jobs will mean that you might miss out on playing 1 game early on, but we will make sure you get your fair share of games during the night.