Membership and Session Fees for 2015

Hi all. As explained at this year’s Xmas party, we made a significant financial loss this year (on top of the loss we made in 2013).

These losses are mainly due to increased court hire and shuttle costs, plus a small downturn in annual attendance levels.

We have managed to keep the fees stable for many years, but to prevent further losses next year, we need to raise some fees.

We spent considerable time analysing our expenses, looking at what other clubs charge, and have determined that the following is the fairest fee structure:

·         Membership will increase from $25 to $40. $27 of this will go to the Sydney Badminton Association for registration and insurance and $13 will go towards our own club costs.

·         Sunday sessions will remain at $10 for members, but non-members will increase to $15.

·         Monday sessions (which are 3 hours) will increase to $12 for members, and $18 for non-members.

I know nobody likes to see increasing costs but sometimes, like this, we just can’t avoid them.

When does all this come into effect?

Because we are affiliated with the Sydney Badminton Association, we are required to follow the schedule they use, which is 1st February 2015 to 31st January 2016.

·         So, we will start collecting the $40 membership fee from early January (so that we can pay SBA at the end of January).

·         We will then start charging the new session rates from Sunday 1st February onwards.

So please try and renew your membership as early as possible in January (so we don’t get hit with a large number to process right at the end). Pre-filled out forms will be available for all 2014 members from January 11th onwards, or you can do it online here.   info@