Mardi Gras Update

Well, today was a bit quiet with just 25 players, so everyone got a good workout (low turnout is not surprising with Mardi Gras going on at the moment). We will however continue playing every week throughout Mardi Gras.

Next Sunday, we expect low numbers again, because of the party on Saturday. With low player numbers, it is not necessary to pick players with the computer, so for next Sunday, we will do it the old fashioned way (this will also let me socialise a bit more :)).

How does the old fashioned way work?

Work out who you want to play with and go play a game on the next available court. 

  • Try and match up with people of a similar level.
  • If this is not possible, have a quick chat with the each other about skill levels then position people to make each game as evenly matched as possible (weak & strong on each side).

Limit yourself to a few minutes warmup then play a single game only. Then leave the court for someone else to play.

Wait at least a few minutes for other players  to go on court. After waiting, if another court is still available, go play again.

Remember, think of your fellow players and be fair when sharing courts. If you think someone is abusing the system, tell an organiser.

Happy Mardi Gras