Lost Racket and Shuttle Usage

Hi all,

Firstly, we’re still trying to find Jason’s racket (someone probably picked it up by mistake a couple of weeks ago).

So, can everyone please check their bags to see if they have an unknown racket. It is a Yonex with a black frame, red strings, and black handle.

Our club email is down at the moment, so if you find it, please reply to my private email at bw76ie@gmail.com

Secondly, we have been telling you about high shuttle usage for the last few weeks (almost double our normal usage). It seems that the shuttles are breaking after one or two hits. We don’t know why it is happening, but it could be due to the colder weather or could be because the shuttles are older stock.

We are speaking to the supplier, and are trying “steaming” to improve the life of the shuttles. We will keep you informed on our progress.

Chao for now,