Getting Your Name Marked Off

It seems that every week there are 1 or 2 people who don’t get their names marked off in the computer, and therefore don’t get called for any games. With so many players these days, it is very hard to keep track of everyone. This is how it works:

At 6.30, someone will walk around and collect names (which takes about 10 minutes), then starts entering the names into the computer. At the same time, a different person is collecting money.

So, if you arrive after 6.40, you MUST tell the person using the computer that you have arrived (or we won’t know).

Remember, paying your money and getting your name entered into the computer are 2 separate things – you need to do both.

Lastly, if you ever miss 2 games in a row, it probably means that something has gone wrong. If this happens, tell us immediately so that we can fix any problems.