FW: URGENT – READ NOW – Tonight’s badminton is CANCELLED – UPDATE

Hi again,

I managed to get an SMS sent out to about 50 people before my phone started “objecting”, so I’m hoping that everyone got the message before it was too late. For anyone who didn’t get a message in time, my apologies.

The person at Sydney Uni who manages the bookings is on holidays this week, so I don’t expect we will get an explanation any time soon. But I’ll let you know more when I know.



From: admin@sydneyshuttles.com [mailto:admin@sydneyshuttles.com]
Sent: Monday, 3 April 2017 5:17 PM
To: info@sydneyshuttles.com
Subject: URGENT – READ NOW – Tonight’s badminton is CANCELLED
Importance: High


Sorry everyone, but I’ve just had a call from Sydney Uni that there has been a double booking at the venue tonight, so our booking is CANCELLED.

If you read this email in time, please ring your friends and tell them (in case they don’t get this email in time).

We will be investigating this and will let you know more ASAP.


Sydney Shuttles Badminton Club