Competition Update

Registrations have now closed for our competition on Sunday 27th October, and we have a good number of participants.

We are still getting things organised, but we can now give you some the expected start times for each event:

Singles: Arrive no later than 11.45am

Doubles: Arrive no later than 2.30pm

Mixed Doubles: Arrive no later than 4.30pm

Of course, you can arrive earlier if you like and help cheer the other players on J

Important: You MUST be on time, because all the games will be pre-arranged. If you are not at the venue when it is your time to play each game, you will forfeit that game (and so will your partner in doubles). There are a LOT of games to get through in the various events and grades, and if we don’t control the timing carefully, we won’t get through all the games.

For this who are not participating in the competition, you are more than welcome to come along and watch, but please be aware that there won’t be any courts available for you to play on.

We will provide you with more details as we get a bit closer to the competition.      info@