Competition Update

Hi again,

We are only 4 weeks away from our 2013 competition (Sunday 27th October), so we will have to close off registrations in a couple of weeks (to give us enough time to plan the various events).

Firstly, we are still a bit short on numbers, and are hoping to get another 10-15 participants. So to those who haven’t yet signed up, please remember that Sydney Shuttles exists for YOU. For you to get together with your friends. For you to have some fun and exercise. So…. get out of your comfort zone and sign up! J

If you are concerned about not being good enough to participate (or too good???), don’t worry. We organise our competition grades the same way that we organise our regular play sessions, so you will be competing against people you are already familiar with. Remember, our competition is only open to current and previous members.

If you are worried about spending an entire afternoon at badminton (OMG!)…. we can’t help that J. But if the “oldies” (me and others) can handle it, you can. (And there will be plenty of food to keep you going.). And if you are out partying the night before, your first game will wake you up and get rid of the hangover J.

Secondly, we are looking for a couple of people to organise a raffle for the competition. This will involve buying some prizes (and wrapping them) and organising a few other people to sell tickets on the day. So, any volunteers?

Cheers for now.      info@