Competition Start Times

Hi all, well after the last few crazy weeks of getting everything organised, we are now ready for the competition this Sunday 22nd May. Of course, it wouldn’t even be possible without the hard work of the organisers, namely Sherlyn& Ilka, Tri & Crew, and Kim.

Start times are strictly as follows:

Singles: 12.00 noon (please arrive at least 10 minutes before this)

Mens and Womens Doubles: 2.30pm (please arrive at least 15 minutes before this)

Mixed Doubles: 5.30pm

Please remember, if you don’t show up on time, you risk forfeiting your games (and your partners games if playing doubles).

I will also be separately emailing these details to all competitors.

For everyone else not playing in the competition, please come along and cheer everyone on, or even better… come and give us to hand to organise things on the day.

Also remember…. winning is good, but having fun on the day is better. We are a social club and this is a social competition. Enjoy the day!