Competition Registrations Now Closed

Hi all, registration for our upcoming October 25th competition have now closed.

The following list summarises who is playing in which event.

Further information, such as event start times, rules, etc, etc, will be emailed out soon.

Please note that this year we have split some events into 2 for logistical reasons. So we will have A & A- events in the singles, doubles and mixed events this year. Of course, this means more chances to win.

This email is being sent out to all members, but future emails specific to the competition will only go out to the competitors (unless it affects other members).

A Singles
Eddie Soo
Eric Kok
Tony Lee
Tumpal Sihombing
Victor Wong

A- Singles
David Myles
Kevin Chiang
Shah Sabri
Sherlyn Koo

B Singles
Gi Lee
Jim Tan
Stephen Yee
Tim Chao
Tommy Lim

C Singles
Chawin Kaewwongsa
Greg Marr
Ilka Kolodziej
Man Yeung
Mickey Mi

A Doubles
Shah Sabri / Eric Kok
Tim Chao / Shane Roberts
Tony Lee / Eddie Soo
Tri Huynh / Victor Wong
Tumpal Sihombing / Aron Pardede

A- Doubles
Alex Iam-Urairat / Mik Taosuwan
David Myles / Jim Tan
Frank Pollard / Leo Hu
Gi Lee / Pat Ruksasook
Kevin Chiang / Recky Lumanauw

B Doubles
Gilbert Chung / Tommy Lim
Ilka Kolodziej / Sherlyn Koo
Jacky Chong / Tony Qu
Richard Reyes / Marky Yip
Joy Phaeoprabsian / Paul Srisunakoua

C Doubles
Bill Wood / An Truong
Chawin Kaewwongsa / Greg Marr
Kenneth Lee / Man Yeung
Michael Tang / David Dai
Mickey Mi / Peter Gao

D Doubles
Baz Clare / Michael Fung
Dennis Chai / Richard Farr
Dennis Maher / partner TBC

A Mixed
Bill Wood / Tumpal Sihombing
Ilka Kolodziej / Eddie Soo
Mik Taosuwan / Joy Phaeoprabsian
Tony Lee / An Truong
Victor Wong / Baz Clare

A- Mixed
Kenneth Lee / Tri Huynh
Man Yeung / David Myles
Shane Roberts / Richard Farr
Sherlyn Koo / Paul Srisunakoua
Thomas Ly / Tim Chao

That’s it for today. More details to follow soon.   info@