Club Membership

As mentioned at our recent Xmas party, we must now obtain our own Public Liabilty insurance (due to changes in court hire contracts). The cheapest way for us to do this is to affiliate with a badminton association and obtain insurance cover under their policy. We have decided to affiliate with the Sydney Badminton Association (SBA).

Affiliation requires all players to become members of our club and to pay a membership fee as defined by SBA (we will collect the fee and pass it on to SBA). We are still getting things organised, including more detailed rules and a membership application form, but I can confirm the following so far:

The annual membership cost will be $25 per person (includes PL insurance). The membership period will be from 1st February 2011 to 31st January 2012. The cost and period are fixed, regardless of when people join.

We know that there will occasionally be non-members who want to play, such as new players who want to try it first or visitors to Sydney calling in for a game. We are still working out how to deal with this, but as a minimum, they will be restricted to playing a couple of times per year only and will pay a higher weekly fees.

We hope to have the membership application form available within a couple of weeks. At that time, we will be asking for everyone to complete the form and pay their membership fee quickly.

There will be various benefits to membership. We are currently working on a series of “Member Rewards”, such as more free game vouchers for high attendance players, free entry to raffles, reduced entry to competitions & parties, etc. How far we can go with these will depend on our club financial position each year, but for 2011 we will certainly be able to implement some of them.

We know that not everyone will be happy with the membership cost, but we really have no choice. Besides, most sporting clubs out thereĀ (including badminton clubs) have membership fees and many of them are much higher than what we are charging.