Club Membership Update

To date, we have had 63  players join up as members, which is fantastic. Thanks to all of you for supporting the club (your club!).

There are only a few people left who have been attending the Sunday sessions this year who have not yet become members. This is just a timely reminder that our new club rules restrict non-members to playing a maximum of 3 times per year, so if you are intending to play more than this, then you need to become a member (this rule must be enforced). For those of you who may be affected by this rule, we started counting your attendance as of last week, 20th Feb.

We expect that when we go back to playing on Monday nights (from the first Monday in April), we will have more people joining up (ie, those that can’t make it on Sundays).

Once again, a big thanks for supporting the Sydney Shuttles Badminton Club.