Club Membership Update

This is just a reminder that we are supposed to send details of our 2013 members to the Sydney Badminton Association by 31st January 2013.

So far, we have about 60 members paid up for 2013, but there are still about 40 more people who were members last year, but have not yet renewed for 2013 (many of these people cannot attend badminton on Sundays).

We will hold off sending the details to SBA until after our next session on Sunday 3rd February (to try and get a few more people signed up now). So, if you are coming to play  next Sunday, please bring an extra $25 and sign up.

For everyone else who is unable to make it by next Sunday, please remember to bring extra money when you do come so that you can join up then.

For more information, please see our membership web page  on our website.