Club Membership Now Proceeding

We have talked about club membership requirements  for a while now, and we are now ready to progress with it. Our new Club Rules and Membership Application form have now been finalised (with much thanks to Eric for his professional input).

We will be handing these out this coming Sunday 23rd January. If you can’t make it on Sunday, full details and application form have also been posted on our website.

We encourage everyone to join up as soon as possible (preferrably within the next couple of weeks). This means that you need to complete the application form and give it to an organiser together with your membership fee.

Effective from Sunday 13th February and onwards, anyone who has not become a member will have to pay the higher non-member rate of $12 if they want to play.

As we have said before, we  are introducing membership as a way to strengthen our club and provide some security from liability for our organisers and players. Please help us with this so that our great club can continue to prosper into the future.