Badminton vs Netball Battle

Well, last night started with some excitement when we found the courts inhabited by the netballers, but we stood our ground and won out. I was in contact with Sydney University today (who we hire the courts through), and they were in contact with Sydney Netball. I’ve been told that Sydney Netball have admitted their mistake and won’t be a problem again for the next 6 months. I guess we’ll find out for sure next week hey.

Many thanks to Sherlyn who has become our newest game picker. She did a great job last night picking most of the games. I’m also hoping that a couple more people will become game pickers in the near future to provide some relief for other people.

Again, we are looking for newer and less experienced players who want to play in the competition. If we get enough interest, we will create a suitable grade. If you are interested, click here to email us or talk to one of the organisers on Monday.

Slippery floors: Yeah, this is still a problem. It seems that plenty of groups apart from ourselves have been complaining about it. I’ve had a long talk with Sydney Uni and they are going to take it up with Marrickville council again. Unfortunately, nobody can work out why the floors become slippery, so I’ve asked them to investigate what polishing or re-surfacing they did during the xmas break (which is when the problems started). For now, we will put out wet towels at each court to wipe your feet on – this helps.

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Good night all and see you next week.