2015 Badminton Membership Renewal Reminder

Hi all. We’ve a good response so far with members signing up for 2015, but there are still a few players out there holding back until the last minute. Well, the last minute has arrived J

The last day for accepting forms and payment is tomorrow, January 25th (we have to submit 2015 member names to Sydney Badminton Association at the end of January).

Here are the details again…..

The membership fee for 2015 is $40. $27 of this will go to the Sydney Badminton Association for registration and insurance and $13 will go towards our own club costs.

Blank forms (for new members) and pre-filled out forms (for all 2014 members) are available at our Sunday sessions, or you can do it online here.

Starting from February 1st, Sunday sessions will remain at $10 for financial members, but non-members will increase to $15.

Remember that the membership period is fixed from 1st February 2015 to 31st January 2016 (we have to follow the SBA schedule), so it doesn’t matter when you join up (your membership will still expire at the end of January 2016). So, even if you can’t attend Sunday sessions, you can still join up now J

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