2012 Kicks Off

Play has resumed for 2012 and we will still be playing on Sundays until the end of March.

Memberships are now available for renewal and are due by the end of January. To make things a bit easier, we have pre-printed out completed membership forms for all of last year’s members (with the same details you provided last year. So all you need to do is check that everything is still correct  and sign the form (and pay the membership as well of course – still $25).

These forms, plus blank forms for new members, will be available from this Sunday 15th January. So, please bring an extra $25 with you on Sunday and get signed up for another year.

I will be mostly absent for the next couple of months (but hope to put in an occasional appearance), so please help Sherlyn, Tim and Jamie out as much as possible.

Happy new year everyone.