Update 5th January

Well last night was a bit of a mess. We were told at the last minute that we would only have 4 courts because the netballers wanted to use half the building. When we arrived, there were no netballers to be seen, so we asked the venue organiser to ring them and find out if they were still coming. We were told that they were “on the way”, but that we could use another 2 courts until they arrived. We decided to call games for the 4 courts, and let people use the other courts casually. The netballers never did turn up!
To make things harder, we had 47 people turn up (more than we normally got with 6 courts). Surprisingly, except for 5 people who came late or left early, everyone got at least 3 organised games and most had some casual play on the other courts. This was much better than expected.
We are still working on next week’s venue and will let you know within the next few days about next week.
Please remember: check this blog (or your email) often and especially every Sunday (play dates and venues may change often)

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